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Ore Sorting Australia

About Us

Ore Sorting Australia became a reality in 2015 when Managing Director, Blake Stanley recognised an opportunity existed to utilise sensor sorting technology in a mobile platform that could be moved from site to site allowing companies to make

final product from stockpiles that may have once been deemed too low grade for treatment.

Blake has over 25 years experience in the mining industry holding senior positions with companies such as CSI, HWE, Barminco, Western Plant Hire and Crushing Service Solutions where he has gained considerable knowledge of mobile crushing and screening operations across many products. With this knowledge, he saw a niche for sensor sorting technology to be used in conjunction with crushing and screening to provide a service to companies across Australia with the option to provide services on a cost per tonne basis.

Ore Sorting Australia was initially set up following a very large-scale test project carried out at Central Norsemen Gold Mine GNGC. This involved CSS doing a very large amount of test work with both Tomra and Steinert in relation to testing the various low-grade stockpiles on the mine and involved treating upwards of 500,000 tonnes of low-grade Ore to get significant upgrades screening out oversized Ore fractions and selective mining methods. During this time both Optical and X-ray Transmission test work was carried out with both proving very effective at upgrading these various ore bodies.

Ore Sorting Australia then commenced its first large Scale Ore Sorter project with Western Areas Ltd in December 2016 to trial Ore sorting on a low-grade stockpile of Nickel ore that was deemed uneconomic to process through their plant due to the grade and distance involved. The stockpile was crushed and screened to provide lump feed for the ore sorter. Initial trials were successful and the client elected to proceed with treatment of the whole stockpile to recover high-grade nickel.

We have the experience and expertise in mining and quarrying to ensure our client’s needs are always met. We have extensive experience in sensor based ore sorting, crushing, screening and conveying contracting, mineral haulage, material processing, recycling solutions, equipment hire and sales, project management and more.


Why Choose Us?

  1. Our team can perform all large-scale test works and cost model project from start to finish.
  2. Mining Services, Crushing and Screening, Ore Sorting, Mineral Haulage, Material Processing – all in-house for a cost per tonne.
  3. We have no allegiance to any of the OEM Sorter companies and we’re committed to offering our clients the best equipment for their specific operations.
  4. Ore Sorting Australia has pioneered the mining, crushing and screening, materials sorting and bulk haulage operational model for remote satellite Ore bodies.
  5. We provide all the capital – our clients just have the results.
  6. Our team can perform all large-scale test works and cost model project from start to finish.
  7. We can supply Project Management with In-House Engineers and Metallurgists.
  8. Wet hire Modular Ore Sorters.
  9. Ore Sorting Australia shares risk with our clients on their performance model.

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In Pilbara, Bowen Basin, Surat Basin, Mt Isa, Hunter Valley and beyond, at Ore Sorting Australia we aim to meet all your specific material processing requirements – no project is too small or too big. 

Call us today to learn more about our ore sorting technology, crushing and screening or waste management services for your mining, recycling or quarrying project.

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