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(08) 9093 3044

Mineral Processing

Ore Sorting Australia has introduced a new way to process materials. We provide Combination Ore Sorting units for hire. Our fleet of ore sorting units are a significant innovation in mineral processing technology benefiting mining, quarrying, and recycling operations throughout Australia. Used to separate valuable materials, these machines reduce operational costs and increase profit by delivering higher mineral recovery.

Our sensor sorter systems have the capability of multiple sensors:

  • Induction Sorting System
  • X-Ray Transmission Sorting System XRT
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Sorting System XRF
  • 3-D Sorting System 3DS
  • Combined Colour & 3-D Sorting System
  • NIR Sorting Systems

If you’d like to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about your minerals processing project, from Pilbara over to Mt Isa, Hunter Valley, Bowen Basin, Surat Basin, Gold Fields or in one of the many other locations we work within, simply phone us today.

Cost Effective and Accurate Minerals Processing

The ore sorting solutions we provide is especially effective in mining, waste management and quarry applications. We’ve introduced an economically viable way to process not only high-grade parcels of minerals but also low-grade material.

Ore Sorting Australia’s technologies can be set to pick up different precious materials and minerals by using sensor-based sorting technology to scan a material’s density. By using advanced ore sorting technologies, our team can provide you with the most precise and cost-effective solution on the Australian mineral processing market.

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