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Sensor Based Ore Sorting

Find the right Ore Sorting solution for your next mining, quarrying, or recycling project! Ore Sorting Australia has a fleet of Ore Sorting units available for immediate hire. These ground-breaking machines use advanced technologies from state-of-the-art magnetic separators to the most innovative sensor based sorting systems. 

Ore sorting is the basic mineral concentration process where individual ore particles are sorted from waste material based on physical properties. Our sensor based sorting systems use advanced technology to distinguish materials and sort minerals by scanning their unique properties. This sensor based ore sorting process can save you time and make your ore sorting project more cost-efficient.

Our mining and quarrying experience allows our team to work safely with the confidence that should help be required, effective communication is readily available. Our systems can function independently or can be arranged to suit client requirements. We’re available various locations throughout Australia, including the Bowen Basin, Pilbara, Mt Isa, Hunter Valley, Surat Basin and beyond.

If you have any questions regarding our sensor based sorters and mineral sorting solutions, please call us directly.

OSA XSS T (X-Ray Transmission) Ore Sorting Unit Hire

The OSA XSS T can recognise density and components containing halogens and organic matter by “seeing” through the materials. Light metals can be sorted from heavy metal, scrap wood from stone, PVC from plastic and more. This versatile sensor based sorter is particularly useful in mining applications.

OSA XSS T sensor based sorting features:

  • Dual energy x-ray sensors
  • Uses z-number to distinguish between the mineral & waste rock

OSA KSS Ore Sorting Unit Hire

The OSA KSS uses sophisticated technology and sensors to identify and sort a range of different materials. Using the OSA KSS unit, materials can be sorted by density, metal product quality, or surface colour. This machine can adapt to your processing needs by combining the colour camera, 3D camera and induction sensor into one independent solution.

OSA KSS combined sorting system benefits:

  • Detects surface colour
  • Recognises reflected light to distinguish between the target & waste material

OSA KSS specs:

  • 3D camera
  • Colour Camera
  • Induction Sensor
  • X-Ray Transmission
  • X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Near Infra-Red
  • Combination of properties measured with different sensors allows separation of materials that differ according to a set of characteristics
  • Filters are developed based on a combination of properties
  • Particle size 10 – 300 mm with an optimum between 20-90mm
  • Machine widths 1m, 2m and 3m

OSA ISS (Induction Sorting System) Ore Sorter Hire

The OSA ISS is the perfect solution to recover the non-ferrous metals not recovered by ECS processing or magnetic separation. The ISS provides efficient and effective automated recovery of metals, stainless steel and any other metals, eliminating the need for hand picking. The primary applications for the ISS are shredder residue, electronic scrap, wood chips, glass, domestic waste, and mould sand.

OSA XSS T sensor based sorting key advantages:

  • Uses electromagnetic induction
  • The electric signal is measured to identify & recover the target ore

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